History of the Villa

Majestically gracing the Umbrian hillside, sits beautiful Villa Ercolano.

History of the Villa

Once the home of a 12th century Roman Lord, Villa Ercolano is both rich in history and beauty. During WWII, the Villa was taken over by German forces and was used as the vector point due to its perfect location.

Eventually, the English regained control and the Villa became a hospital for wounded soldiers. At one time the Villa was owned by an Italian movie producer and his young wife from California. Century old tile floors and chestnut beamed ceilings are combined with restored luxury to continue the rich history of this Villa.

Today you can still see the nicks in the surrounding wall that protected Villa Ercolano during the many wars it has endured. The Villa fresco's around the interior pergola continue to entice the curiosity of art students.

They are exact replicas of the wall paintings found in the Ercolano ruins. (Thus the name: Villa Ercolano). While weather and wear have caused fading and erosion of the paintings, its beauty remains clear.